System architect (industrial robot)

职称: System architect (industrial robot)
合同类型: 全职
位置: Shanghai
Reference: JACMA40
详细联系方式: Miho Aiba
工作发表: 5天 前



1Responsible for the demand investigation and feasibility analysis of industrial robot control systems.

2Responsible for the overall design of industrial robot control system, build software framework, core module implementation.

3Lead the development team to implement the functional modules of the industrial robot control system.

4Responsible for improving the quality and performance of the control system and responsible for software architecture optimization.

5Lead the team to overcome key technologies and improve team technical skills.




1Experience in design and development of large industrial control software development projects.

2Proficient in C/C++ language, with strong software architecture design capability and software programming ability, deep understanding of design patterns, and flexible application.

3Proficient in industrial fieldbus / industrial Ethernet technology.

4More than two years of Linux operating system development experience; ROS related experience is preferred.

5Familiar with industrial robot control technology is preferred.

6Familiar with codesys is preferred.

7Experience with language compilers and interpreters is preferred; experience with graphics such as OPENGL and DirectX is preferred.