Regional CEO – Chief Sales Officer

职称: Regional CEO – Chief Sales Officer
位置: Guangzhou
薪水: 600000
联系人姓名: Jessie
招聘发布: April 26, 2018 15:05


The CSO-function includes following main responsibilities:
• Responsible for analyzing and presenting market potentials and priorities within the APAC region.
• Responsible for the establishment of a Strategic marketing- and sales plan including formulating suggested priorities with respect to local markets, technology, products and distribution.
• Responsible for managing the Marketing & Sales team to implement the Strategic marketing- and sales plan and to fulfil the Strategic targets approved by Group CEO and the Board of Directors, including;

  1.  Identification of new potential distribution partners
  2.  Business negotiations
  3.  Business contracts
  4. Product introductions and trainings
  5. Customer service
  6. Follow-up on the mutual performance and implement corrective actions if needed

• Responsible for resource allocations and for prioritizations to reach defined targets
• Responsible for coaching the organization to successfully develop their skills in marketing- and sales methodology
• Responsible for, when needed, assisting our distributors to develop their business model and working methods
• Responsible for reporting the performance to Group CEO, Management Group and, when requested, to the BSAB Board of Directors.
• The CSO position will be measured on mainly following (i) Sales growth, (ii) Gross Margin 2, (iii) Customer satisfaction KPIs, (iv) Management KPIs.
The Regional CEO & Management group function includes:
• Responsible for managing and developing the BSA-regional sales office, including the Marketing, Sales, Supply-chain, Customer service, Finance & Administration and QMS.
• The Regional CEO position will be measured on e.g. following: (i) Sales growth, (ii) EBIT margin, (iii) Customer satisfaction KPIs, (iv) Management KPIs.
• As a member of the BSAB Management Group:
o Actively contribute to develop, maintain and safeguard that:
▪ The BSAB Product Road Map which includes a strategic influence on which products to develop and distribute in the future.
▪ “The Bellman & Symfon Way” (our mission, strategy, targets, working principles) permeates the whole BSAB group.
The BSAB Management Group meets three to four times per year to follow-up on the performance, share experiences and to discuss the future business direction
Organization, reporting staff, home location etc.:
• Position: The Regional CEO-CSO position reports to the Group CEO.
• Reporting staff: Currently there is one Area Sales Manager for Mainland China including 4 sales representatives. The Regional CEO-CSO is currently responsible for the other APAC markets with support from an Overseas Account manager.


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