Recruitment Consultant (Manager)

职称: Recruitment Consultant (Manager)
合同类型: 全职
位置: Shanghai
薪水: RMB
参考: JACMK03
联系人姓名: Maika Tschmuck-Koyanagawa
招聘发布: February 09, 2021 14:18


JAC group is a global recruitment company established in 1975 and has 25 offices in 11 countries worldwide. China office in Shanghai is looking for 360 degree recruitment consultant to be apart of our global expansion. 


  • Responsible for Team Sales budget as well as Individual Sales Target. 
  • Responsible for hiring and Team expansion.
  • Manage whole recruiting process including acquiring clients, job inquiries and candidates utilizing data base and external sources.
  • Key Account Management as well as KPI management.


  • More than 5 year experience in the recruitment industry or equivalent experience. 
  • English and Chinese Professional proficiency.
  • Team management experience is plus. 
  • Building team experience is plus. 

What we can offer

  • You will be a part of expansion plan globally. We are at the stage of growing and expanding all over the world. Being a part of this  transition will offer you an excitement to grow together as 360 degree Professional Recruitment Consultant and as a leader.  
  • On top of that, we offer you attractive sales incentive, awards and annual leave plan besides basic salary. 
  • Extensional Medical insurance (商业医疗保险) is available.




  • 负责团队销售预算以及个人销售目标
  • 负责招聘和团队扩张
  • 管理整个招聘流程,包括利用数据库和外部资源获取客户、工作咨询和候选人
  • 大客户管理以及KPI管理


  • 5年以上招聘行业经验或同等经验
  • 中英文专业能力强
  • 有团队管理经验者加
  • 有团队建设经验者优先


  • 你将成为全球扩张计划的一部分。我们正处于成长阶段,并在全球范围内扩张。作为这个过渡的一部分,将为您提供一个作为360度专业招聘顾问和作为一个领导者共同成长的机会
  • 除基本工资外,我们还为您提供有吸引力的销售激励、奖励和年假计划
  • 可享受商业医疗保险(Extensional Medical Insurance)


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