职称: 品质经理
合同类型: 全职
位置: Shanghai
薪水: 290,000~560,000
参考: JACDD21
联系人姓名: Danny Dan
招聘发布: August 02, 2019 10:18


Main tasks:

  • Quality assurance and quality control of robot products
  • Determine the criteria of releasing applications and OS for the Chinese market
  • Create a test item to determine the quality and launch a team that can execute it
  • Support the release the Applications and OS for the Chinnese Market
  • Judge the scope for fixing in the next applications or OS to improve the product


  • Suppress the robot's behavior that damages the brand image (e.g. Risk of the Robot falls down, harm people's mind and body, lead to inquiries.)
  • Prioritize detected issues and notify the internal team and developers
  • Investigate the cause of the detected issues and provide appropriate feedback to the developers
  • Establish procedures or test applications to easily reproduce detected issues
  • Inform the known issues to internal team and create a workaround
  • Co-working and sychcronizing with HQQA and JPQA
  • Collaborating with technology partner (ex. 3rd party solution vendors)

Mandatory skills and experiences:

  • Strong passion for service robot products
  • Strong understanding of service robotics technology ecosystem (Hardware, OS, STT/NLP/TTS, SLAM, Face recognition, etc.)
  • Better understanding of service robots market in China
  • Experience and knowledge to utilize sourcing partners for development and testing
  • Solid leadership and team management skill
  • Excellent command of written and oral English & Chinese language
  • Superb communication skill to influence stakeholders/internal partners across functional teams and regions
  • Perseverance to work in doubt of the quality of developers and products
  • Ability to appropriately visualize and judge the impact of the detected issues
  • Ability of taking action and high hospitality to improve the products

Preferred skills and experiences:

  • Service robot hardware background
  • Service robot deployment experience in China market
  • 5 years’ experience in related field of robotics or smart electronic devices
  • Extensive awareness and industry contacts in service robot technology ecosystem
  • Experience in deploying applications/systems on the cloud
  • Experience of team management in multi-national company
  • Experience in establishing a new technical product team or working for a startup
  • Experiences of product planning and product development in Software or Hardware


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