Junior Datamart Developer

职称: Junior Datamart Developer
合同类型: 全职
位置: Shanghai
薪水: 180,000~210,000
参考: JACNX09
联系人姓名: Nick xu
招聘发布: May 31, 2019 11:35


Murex Application Responsibility:

  • Understand the Murex system setup at the client, organisation of the support teams, end of day procedures and the report delivery process;
  • Collect and provide detailed technical specifications / business requirement specifications;
  • Participates in peer review of requirements, technical and/or testing documentation and assists mentors junior members with same;
  • Analyse datamart setup and the table structures for the purpose of identifying redundant objects, to minimise execution time of batches, and to seek possibility of reuse of objects;
  • Segregate reports by users, products, creation classes, fields needed, complexity and frequency of execution;
  • Develop a generic datamodel and then create datamart objects as required for the reports;
  • Execute processing scripts and batches manually or through the use of a scheduling tool like Control-M;
  • Reconcile report extraction output with the onscreen / mreport output;
  • Analyse differences caused by adding or removing some filter conditions / dynamic table flags / launcher flags;


Mandatory Skills:

  • At least 2+ years of experience on MX G2000/MX3.1 Datamart;
  • Understanding of the Murex system as a whole;
  • Good understanding of capital market products;
  • In-depth understanding of MX reporting architecture, MX datamodel, and MX Datamart configuration;
  • Familiarity with mxres configuration files, and launcher flags;
  • Thorough knowledge of Datamart objects - dynamic tables, feeders, batch of feeders, scanner templates etc.;
  • Exposed to Mreports; Mreport to Datamart migration experience is desirable;
  • Experience with Simulation and Risk Matrices;
  • Experience with RDBMS, e.g. Oracle, Sybase;
  • Excellent SQL programming skills;

Nice to have

  • MXML.


  • English: Intermediate


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