职称: 高级图像深度学习工程师
位置: Guangzhou
联系人姓名: Peter
招聘发布: April 17, 2018 16:35


* You have a wealth of qualifications, chief among them a PhD in CS, EE or CE and 3 years professional experience, or an MS Degree in same and 5 years professional experience;

* Broad computer vision knowledge, reconstruction, feature detection, segmentation, classification and machine learning;

* Strong C++ programming skills, including performance optimization and multi-threaded code GPGPU computing (Cuda or OpenCL);

* Familiarity with OpenCV or similar;

* Experience with various sensors such as IMUs, infra-red and mono/RGB sensors;

* Demonstrated ability to produce production quality code while working in a fast-paced dynamic team;

* Write tests to quantify and iteratively improve the performance and robustness of your algorithms;

* Evaluate creative and diverging approaches to hard problems, favoring simple heuristic approaches where appropriate;

* An ability to convey ideas clearly through well-designed code;

* Strong communication skills;

* Make smart technical decisions


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