Advanced Robotic Algorithm Engineer

职称: Advanced Robotic Algorithm Engineer
合同类型: 全职
位置: Shanghai
Reference: JACMA41
详细联系方式: Miho Aiba
工作发表: 约1年 前


  • Study on the online time optimal trajectory planning algorithm for multi-degree robots considering the performance of robot servo motor.


  • Proficient in at least one path generation algorithm and velocity-planning algorithm;
  • Proficient in the dynamic-modeling of the multi-degree robots, friction modeling and motor modeling of the reducer;
  • Familiar with the servo control principle and have a certain understanding of the robot servo control;
  • Proficient in online trajectory planning algorithms based on dynamic models (not limited to ontology dynamics models), and have successful applications on actual robots;
  • 3+ years of Experience in robotics algorithm