职称: Associate
位置: 中国上海, 上海市
参考: JAC-Tiffany-008
详细联系方式: Tiffany
工作发表: 2020年12月21日 14:14

Position Overview

・We Connection provides access to industry specialists who can offer unique insights into companies and markets. To an investor who is looking for information to steer a deal-making decision, there is nothing more powerful than the knowledge that is locked up inside people’s heads.

Our Associates target industry specialists, who our clients could speak with to help them make better informed business decisions.


Conduct a cursory review of industries in order to understand the gaps in our clients’ knowledge and identify the most relevant individuals (practitioners and often C-level executives working at the heart of their industries) to take part in a 1:1 consultations with our clients via phone

Engage with these individuals to understand whether they are the right fit for our clients

Persuade relevant individuals to take part in a consultation with our client and negotiate terms

Develop relationships with existing our industry contacts and build new ones with experts you have identified

Set up consultations - scheduling, contracts, compliance requirements

The work is fast paced – you will be working on multiple requests on any given day, all with tight timelines, and spanning a wide variety of industries and geographies. We look for individuals who are excited by a hands-on, high-pressure role

You’ll need to think on your feet as you speak on the phone with people across industries and levels

Teamwork is essential - you’ll be collaborating with others locally and internationally when executing on projects.